'In her graphic work, Ines Spanier transfers and enlarges the smallest structures from photographic templates using pencil and colored pencil to areas of a structural visual appearance on large-format paper.
In terms of drawing, the individual structures become independent in accumulations of definable areas, which form a respective place on paper and, in their interaction, find an open pictorial context behind which the decisions of the artist, which she makes again and again during her work.

The constant work of Ines Spanier is remarkable, with which she developed her drawing activity into a picture with driven slowness over the course of the two-year master class course. A picture that, when first grasped, seems to address a collection of surfaces and thus first undermines its finely drawn structure, only to then, on closer inspection, bring the graphic work on the fine structure, which produces and questions the surfaces, to the fore .

Ines Spanier is a very independent artist who is completely absorbed in her work and is intimately involved with it. She can't help but draw and draw the way she does.

Professor Ingo Meller